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    The FIAU has just published a guidance on Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery and typology report for Malta. https://fiaumalta.org/app/uploads/2024/05/Report.pdf

    The guidance highlights the need to make a distinction between human trafficking/modern slavery (HT/MS) due to the fact that in human smuggling, the profit comes from facilitating illegal cross-border movement of people, whereas in human trafficking, the profit comes from the exploitation of victims after they have been transported, recruited, or transferred. However, even though they are two distinct ideas, human smuggling can lead to HT/MS since those who engage in it might profit from the precarious circumstances of the people they are smuggling.

    The report provides guidance on understanding the drivers of HT/MS that can aid Subject Persons in identifying instances of this predicate crime, including a discussion on the trafficking profile and modus operandi of traffickers in Malta as well as providing a list of red-flags and case studies. The report also highlights the industries and countries with a high exposure to HT/MS.

    Related to the abovementioned Guidance is also a separate publication covering an analysis of Maltese massage parlours and their possible exposure to the sexual exploitation of women. The Factsheet provides an insight into the situation in Malta also provides a list red flags and indicators of human trafficking through illicit massage business in Malta which can aid the Subject Person in their due diligence process.  The FIAU stresses the importance of selecting the relevant indicators on goAML when submitting a report.