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Today’s fast-paced international business environment requires relationships based on trust

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We have partnered with global intelligence leader Cedar Rose to equip your decision-making and risk mitigation measures. Through the CRiS Intelligence Platform, instantly access compliance data from over 230 jurisdictions and for over 400 million corporate entities through reliable sources consolidated at the tip of your fingers.

Gain access to an experienced international due diligence team that can deliver reports globally with from desk-based immediate access to on-the-ground source information within agreed turnaround times.

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Confirm credibility of potential partners

Avoid dealing with fraudulent individuals and companies, wasting valuable resources while putting your reputation at risk.

From client due diligence that accelerates your onboarding, to enhanced due diligence that leaves no stone unturned – deep-dive into companies and individuals help you protect your interests and make informed decisions.

Company reports offer a comprehensive assessment of the credentials, assets, financial performance, and capabilities of a business. We also support you in terms of individuals to ensure your protection against associations with sanctioned individuals, criminals and terrorists.

Gain immediate access through:

· CRiS International Database

· Request Fresh Investigation with turnarounds as low as 2 business days

· Conduct Enhanced Due Diligence that meets your requirements

CRiS International

Gain real-time access to one of the world’s largest corporate and legal entity databases. Access both live and freshly researched international reports on all your business customers, with monitoring alerts.

Enhanced Due Diligence Plus

Do you fully understand how your customer is operating today? Our experienced multi-lingual researchers will retrieve and present all relevant customer data using extensive research and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations. Use these critical background checks to analyse who you choose to work with now, and into the future.

Asset Tracing Report

Cedar Rose Asset Tracing reports can locate financial, physical or corporate assets and provide evidence of ownership, investments, acquisitions and partnerships.

Copy of Original Corporate Records

Are you 100% certain that your client is who they say they are? Conduct complete integrity assessment and analysis with genuine, original copies of Corporate Records of your trading partners, as well as Memorandum, Articles of Association, Board Resolutions and many others including officially filed financial statements.

Site Visit Report

Do you need absolute proof that a company genuinely exists at the premises they claim to operate from? With our local, experienced investigators, we conduct site visits on your behalf that can provide evidence of a company’s physical presence and trading activity.

Local Source Enquiries

A lot can be learned from knowing a company’s or individuals’ local reputation, but it’s not always easy to know what questions to ask, or who to ask. Cedar Rose has the global reach, local resources and language skills in-house to conduct such investigations and interviews to collect and gather Human Intelligence (HUMINT). Our network of contacts can take your business closer to meaningful, ‘on the ground’ information that can reduce your risk exposure.

Directorship & Shareholding Report

How can you validate an individual’s or entity’s corporate asset network? There can sometimes be uncertainty regarding company ownership and which entity you are dealing with. Unexpected connections are sometimes uncovered, leading to a seemingly clean and innocent company being associated with unsavoury or sanctioned entities.

Court Records Search

Ensure the people and entities you trade with have not had serious litigation, lawsuits or judgements filed against them with Cedar Rose’s Court Records Search. Available in multiple jurisdictions.

Criminal Record Check

Does your potential business partner have a criminal record? This check is typically conducted on owners, officers and key personnel that play a significant part in business transactions. A person’s criminal background can make them unsuitable, so it’s wise to inquire upfront.

Pre-Employment Screening Report

When you are recruiting staff into highly responsible positions within your organisation, you need to be sure that they have told you the absolute truth about their past employment and education history.

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