AML100 by DIligex

Are you 100% compliant?
Our AML100 service is the compliance innovation for you to succeed

Peace of mind
One cost, no surprise
Business Door Opener
Reputational Safeguard
Practitioner Expertise
We test your current AML/CFT compliance status against all applicable obligations and receive an independent score-based report
We undertake a thorough annual audit to identify strengths and weaknesses, outline gaps in practice, and produce roadmap for holistic compliance and efficiency enhancement
We identify, understand and evaluate inherent risks to your business and draft mitigation measures to bring down residual risk
We develop policies, procedures and control systems to prevent money laundering or terrorist financing activity in fulfilment of your obligations
We set out a clear and standardized onboarding policy customized to your risk appetite that empowers your staff with a seamless acceptance process across all departments
Enjoy continual personalised training and mentoring from our compliance managers assigned or dedicated to you to stay up to date with changing regulation
KYCMATIC is an advanced AML/CFT platform that accomplishes real-time CDD, SOW/F provisions, document management, and immediate Customer Risk Assessment.
We devote more time to your company to ensure 100% AML/CFT compliance, a smooth workflow, improving on efficiencies and superior performance through bi-annual reviews and quarterly risk meetings

End-to-end compliance solution-driven services, which drives you towards achieving 100% compliance with AML/CFT obligations.

You are either compliant or not, there is no middle ground.

AML100 sets out a clear road map tailor-made to your business operation to address any of your vulnerabilities and moves you into keeping you fully compliant even when your business changes and legislation is updated.

Through AML100 we will lead you through your journey to move from your current status, to achieving and maintaining 100% AML/CFT Compliance through the most efficient and cost effective means – as expected by the regulator and as required to lead a top-of-the-industry brand.

AML 100 Benefits

Your drive towards 100% AML/CFT Compliance

Continuous Compliance

Fulfil all regulatory obligations and avoid fines.

Maximize your resources

Easier client onboarding and smooth business flow.

Cost effective and efficient

Less administrative work and 400% efficiency increase in staff performance.

Reductions of Compliance Cost

Understand and use the risk-based approach to open your door to new business.

Peace of mind

Always keep up to date with regulations and maintain 100% compliance without interrupting your business processes.


Our KYCMATIC software is a powerful end-to-end AML/CFT platform which gives your team the empowerment and tools required to carry out optimal compliance processes with maximum efficiency.

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