Elevating Compliance Management and Engaging Your Board

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Organization-wide compliance oversight
Prioritise your highest risk areas
Reduce compliance fatigue
Instil and prove your compliance culture

Compliance is necessary, but why complicate it?
Spend less time on tedious tasks and more time driving your business forward. Compliance, where it matters most.

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Diligex is exclusively providing Resolver by Aspida in Malta, an ahead-of-its-time GRC platform solution backed with advisory, training and officer roles to instill a compliance culture and elevates the Compliance Function and Board Engagement.

We will help you build and maintain a compliance culture, away from a tick-the-box approach to focus on the real risks, implementing controls and measures commensurate with your business profile and risk appetite — as required by regulators, but more so, as expected from an industry leading brand.

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Resolver by Aspida enables in depth and ongoing testing with the peace of mind that it gives your business comprehensive coverage over the entire regulatory landscape to simplify and modernise the regulatory change process and take control of your compliance obligations. Resolver automates the identification of regulatory obligations and rule changes to ensure that you know what changes are made, when they are made

Monitor your control environment in real-time to gain early indicators of compliance deficiencies and answer questions from regulators at the push of a button. Engage with your first line with easy-to-use software so that they can quickly provide you with the information you need and get on with their day. Gone are the days of long and tedious tasks. Dedicate your time on where it matters most – proactive governance, focusing on core risks, and ensuring compliance.

Proactively incorporate Compliance into strategic decision making

Ensure the compliance team is consulted early and often on key strategic projects, by building an internal culture of continuous regulatory assessments and pro-active insights. Access and visibility will give a more central role to the compliance function and elevate compliance conversations at board level.

Powerful Visualisations

Show the business the value of what you do. Communicate compliance coverage, assessment completion, risk exposure to regulators as well as your risk committee and board of directors.

Remediate Regulatory Issues

Ensure effective issue management by assigning clear accountability and aligning urgency and remediation timelines to risk tolerance, creating plans and mapping out actions.

Integrated Regulatory Library

Visualisation of the various regulatory obligations and requirements decomposed down to your testing requirements and oversight helping you build and maintain a live Compliance Monitoring Programme.

Continuous Compliance Assessments

Our continuous model allows your organisation to assess risk and controls as the regulatory environment changes. It drives you to manage your compliance monitoring programme through a system that automates the mundane tasks and gives you access to a collaborative framework to conduct tests and generate reports and insights into your compliance status at the click of a button.

Timely Regulatory Alerts

Automate regulatory change management by providing real-time regulatory alerts, informing you of regulatory changes and how these impact you to prepare for incoming changes and implement these in your policies and procedures in due time.

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