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    Call the incident response team of our strategic cybersecurity partner, Thomas Murray, on the emergency 24/7 UK line +44 (0) 2074594888, for immediate help from their experts.

    Diligex announces that through its partnership with UK-based global risk firm Thomas Murray, it now provides a world-class cyber-emergency incidence response service which is available 24/7 via discreet telephone on: +44 (0) 207 459 4888.

    The team is composed of former global risk services, government agencies and ex-military incident response and threat intelligence experts, who have vast experience of dealing with all forms of real-life cyber attacks.  They are there to assist you with dealing with all kinds of cyber incidents, from ransomware to data breaches. They will help you to take emergency action to limit the damage, then work with you to investigate what and how it happened, as well as help in the recovery of your business. The team also assists your legal team in the preparation for litigation or regulatory action, from understanding the nature of an incident to determine if a data breach has happened, to providing the necessary services, such as eDiscovery, to support the legal team’s reporting to the regulator or other legal process.

    Malicous cybersecurity incidents have more than doubled post-pandemic (Source: IMF). We are experiencing a recent increase in attacks on Malta as well. The most recent Microsoft Digital Defense Report outlines dramatic increases in attacks across the board, such as ten-fold increase in password attacks. It also recommends that basic cybersecurity hygiene keeps 99% of attacks at bay:

    1. Require phishing-resistant multifactor authentication (MFA)
    2. Apply Zero Trust principles
    3. Use modern anti-malware
    4. Keep systems up to date
    5. Protect data

    It has also become evident that hackers are targeting anyone and everyone and it is no longer a challenge limited to large corporations.

    Refer to the following Online Link: https://timesofmalta.com/article/professionals-beware-phishing-scams-getting-much-sophisticated.1091332

    For more information refer to: www.thomasmurray.com

    For more our pro-active Orbit Security risk mitigation platform and other services: www.diligex.eu/cybersecurity