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Enterprise-wide Risk Management
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An Integrated View of Risk Management – Resolver by Aspida

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Diligex is exclusively providing Resolver by Aspida in Malta, an ahead-of-its-time GRC platform solution backed with advisory, training and officer roles to instill proactive risk management in organisations to focus where it matters most.

A specialized featured module of Resolver by Apsida is its Risk Management capability. It is also backed by advisory and training to gear all stakeholders across the business with risk ownership and controls for effective risk management.

The platform:

· Enables risk managers to view all of their risks on a single platform.

· Provide data-driven recommendations that can impact the bottom line.

· Focus resources on the risks and controls that make the biggest impact on the organisation.

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Proactive Risk Management (RED)

Resolver by Aspida enables Risk Management Framework and Risk Register Management through a collaborative tool to expand risk ownership and visibility across the organisation.

Effective risk management ties together all key business functions to help the risk team protect the organisation, but if a business has multiple business function owners, collecting and analysing that data can be overwhelming.

Pre-Assisted Control Library

Maintain a consistent and accurate library of controls across the organisation, with pre-populated risk management frameworks for your own tailoring and management of risks.

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

Consolidate the view of risk management for the relevant stakeholders including your board. Engage risk ownership across the organisation towards a risk-based approach culture. Ensure you have immediate and full visibility of your business risks and communicate actions cohesively.

Risk Management Frameworks

Build your own risk management frameworks with access to risk frameworks pre-built by risk experts and tailor them to your needs. The tool can be adjusted for a the risk requirements you intend to outline, whether its AML/CFT risk, Operational Risk, Cyber Risk, or any other.

Continuous Assessments

Our continuous model allows your organisation to assess risk and controls as the regulatory environment changes.

Conduct Risk Assessments

Understand risk exposure by performing risk assessments to review operational, legal and regulatory risks.

Testing and Monitoring

Leverage the output of a robust risk assessment process to drive testing prioritisation.

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