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    Call the incident response team of our strategic cybersecurity partner, Thomas Murray, on the emergency 24/7 UK line +44 (0) 2074594888, for immediate help from their experts.

    In view of Diligex’s strategic cooperation with global risk intelligence partner Thomas Murray, Diligex is inviting you to register yourself or your designate to a restricted training webinar zoning in on the most recent Cyber threat typology phenomenon.

    The alarming rise of DDOS attacks on European companies and governments will only accelerate in 2024.

    On Tuesday 20th February 2024 at 2.30pm until 3.30pm.

    Diligex and Thomas Murray is hosting a complimentary, real-time online presentation about ongoing and growing threat from politically-aligned threat actor groups.

    If you want to attend, register now. When your registration is approved, you’ll receive an invitation to join the webinar:

    REGISTER: https://thomasmurrayuk.webex.com/weblink/register/r849f7f1f09fcf80d7e05acb5f42e8342

    For all the talk of artificial intelligence and the growing sophistication of cyber attacks, when it comes to politically-motivated attacks many hackers still rely on increasingly large but relatively low-tech DDOS attacks, impacting services and causing outages.

    The number of DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks skyrocketed in 2023, largely in response to the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, with a share increase experiences by government services, the financial sector and the transport and logistics sector in particular.

    This year looks set to be even more hazardous, as threat actors both state and non-state aligned respond to growing levels of geopolitical turmoil.

    In this live by-invitation-only broadcast, Thomas Murray cyber threat intelligence lead Stephen Green will explain:

    • The patterns and trends Cyber Risk Advisory team has identified and what they mean for you
    • Who the most significant threat actors are, and what motivates them
    • How hacktivist groups co-ordinate their attacks
    • Which organisations and firms are most at risk, and why financial sector organisations are high-priority targets

    What you should be doing to protect yourself, your company, and you clients.

    The Presenter of the Webinar will be Stephen Green, Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead | Cyber Risk

    Stephen is a highly experienced and dedicated threat intelligence professional with over 11 years of experience across a range of intelligence-related disciplines.

    His experience spans both the public and private sector, and he has provided insights and analysis for a broad range of clients and stakeholders. He has been key to establishing the culture of threat intelligence-driven cyber security services at Thomas Murray.

    Hosted by Matthew Agius Mamo, CEO | Diligex

    Matthew Agius Mamo serves as CEO at Diligex, a compliance and risk management setup with its core on AML/CFT providing an ongoing relationship to obliged entities through advisory assistance, managed service support, as well as through its AML/CFT platform – KYCMATIC.

    The company today offers industry leading solutions in AML/CFT, Cybersecurity, Compliance Management, Risk Management and Due Diligence/KYB through strategic partnerships. Mr Agius Mamo is a Public Policy professional with specialization in European affairs. He also holds an International Diploma in AML/CFT from the ICA and NA (QA) by the NCFHE. He currently forms part of the FIAU AML/CFT Consultants Forum.