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    Special Notice to Notaries: New Obligations Under Legal Notice 81/2021

    The Use of Cash (Restriction) Regulations (LN81/2021) published earlier in March 2021 bring forth a new obligation through Article 7 of the same. This is applicable to all notaries in relation to information about all transactions (€10,000 or more) of concerning immoveable property and not only those paid by cash.

    This obligation entered into force with immediate effect and any notary not maintaining a specific register of the details required at law shall be immediately deemed in breach of the Notarial Profession and Archives Act.

    The details include:

    • Buyer and Seller’s name, address, type of and number of official identification document, and the same in case of any person/s acting as agents for either;

    And where applicable if a part- or whole payment is made through the following means respectively:

    • Payment Account IBAN;
    • Card Number and Issuing Institution;
    • Cheque/Bank Draft Number and Credit/Financial Institution drawn;
    • Method of Payment and Exact Amount Paid when paid through other methods or in kind.

    Record-keeping obligations are outlined in Article 9 of the same law.